Survey Day


​​一般公眾 General Public: 每位 $150 per person

12歲以下兒童 Children under 12: 每位 $120 per person

綜援受助者 CSSA: 每位 $50 per person


The above price include the day-pass for Seminar Day

五大物種調查 Five Animal Groups

​請選擇其中一組 | Apply to one of the five animal groups

​下滑了解各組別詳情 Scroll down to learn more about each survey group









Amphibian & Reptile


Seminar & Training 

10/8 1530-1730

調查 Survey     

18/8 0930-1200   



Bad Weather Backup Dates Respectively: 11/8, 25/8



Hong Kong Bird Watching Society experts will share with us conservation works on locally common and endangered species in the seminar. Skills of using binoculars and guides will be taught together with the surveying methods. Prior to the survey, bird experts will demonstrate how to use the mist net, a tool commonly used in research and data collection. Participants are then led to Lung Fu Shan to record bird species and their numbers.


Seminar & Training 

10/8 1030-1230

調查 Survey 

18/8 1400-1630


Bad Weather Backup Dates Respectively: 11/8, 25/8



Experts from Fung Yuen Butterfly Reserve will share with us in the seminar their experiences of establishing a nature reserve and conducting research. Participants will be guided outdoor for butterfly watching during the training, where survey methods are introduced. During the survey, butterfly experts will demonstrate how to use a butterfly net; participants will also get the chance to record butterfly species and abundance on Lung Fu Shan.


Seminar & Training 

18/8 1600-1800

調查 Survey 

18/8 1900-2130



Bad Weather Backup Day: 25/8



Experts will share with us the experience of publishing “A Guide to the Spiders in Hong Kong” in the seminar. Participants will then make their own spider dichotomous key in the training. During the survey, experts will bring participants to Lung Fu Shan to record spider species and numbers.


Seminar & Training 

10/8 1700-1900

調查 Survey

17/8 1330-1515


Lab Observation

17/8 1515-1700



Bad Weather Backup Dates Respectively: 11/8, 24/8 

​*如調查延後,實驗室環節亦會相應順延​ In case the survey is postponed, the lab session will also be delayed.



Experts will share their experiences of research and promotion of insect conservation in the seminar. Participants will then follow experts to Lung Fu Shan for data collection using various trapping methods. After the survey, participants will get to observe the collected insects in the laboratory using microscopes. 


Seminar & Training 

10/8 1330-1600

調查 Survey

17/8 1900-2130


Bad Weather Backup Dates Respectively: 11/8, 24/8



Hong Kong Society of Herpetology Foundation experts will share with us Hong Kong’s wildlife conservation efforts and issues related to herptile pets. The training will teach participants how to properly observe amphibians and reptiles, together with the chance to meet them in close-up! Before the survey, experts will demonstrate common research methods, then lead participants to Lung Fu Shan to record the abundance and diversity of amphibians and reptiles.

Bond Shum.jpg


Mr. Bond Shum

香港戶外生態教育協會 創立成員及保育總監

Founder and Conservation Director, Outdoor Wildlife Learning Hong Kong 

Matthew Evans.jpg


Dean Prof. Matthew Evans​

香港大學理學院院長| 香港大學生物科學學院教授

Dean, Faculty of Science, HKU | Professor, School of Biological Sciences, HKU

Dickson Wong.jpg


Mr. Dickson Wong

香港觀鳥會執行委員 | 香港自然生態論壇版主 | 《香港蜘蛛圖鑑》作者

Exco member of Hong Kong Bird Watching Society | HKWildlife.Net Forum Admin | "A Guide to the Spiders of Hong Kong" Author 

to chan .jpeg

候補日專家 Backup Day Expert


Mr. To Chan​


Chairman, Hong Kong Entomological Society



Mr. Matthew Sin

綠色力量 高級環境事務經理

Senior Environmental Affairs Manager, Green Power



Dr. Toby Tsang

香港大學生物科學學院 博士後研究員

Postdoctoral Researcher, School of Biological Sciences, HKU


Mr. Leung Tsz Kin Calvin

香港大學 生態學及生物多樣性學畢業生

Ecology & Biodiversity Graduate, HKU

Screenshot 2019-06-04 at 12.35.45 PM.png


Ms. Hoiling Cheng 


Co-founder, Project CROW 



Mr. Chan Man Ho

香港兩棲及爬蟲協會 保育主任

Conservation Officer, Hong Kong Society of Herpetology 

Mr. Tommy Hui.JPG


Mr. Tommy Hui

高級生態學家 (AEC Ltd.)

Senior Ecologist, Asia Ecological Consultants Ltd.

報名須知 Application Remarks

  1. 每組名額先到先得。
    There is a quota for each group, allocated on a first come first served basis.

  2. 本活動只限6歲或以上人士參與。
    Participants must be age 6 or above.

  3. 12歲以下兒童必須與家長或監護人一同參加活動。
    Participants under 12 years old must join the event with a parent or guardian.

  4. 未滿18歲的參加者必須獲家長或監護人同意,方可參加。
    Participants under 18 years old must seek permission from their parents or guardians before joining the event.

  5. 講座/培訓以廣東話進行,唯部分調查團由外籍專家帶領,將以英語進行。如有需要,會為參加者提供雙語翻譯。
    The seminars and trainings will be conducted in Cantonese, yet some of the surveys led by foreign experts will be carried out in English. Bilingual interpretation services can be provided.

  6. 此活動不包括參加者保險,參加者需注意安全及自行負責個人意外保險。
    This event does not provide any participant insurance. Participants are responsible for their own safety and personal accident insurance coverage.

  7.  綜合社會保障援助計劃(綜援)受助者可享半價優惠,請於報名時選擇相關票種,並於活動當日出示綜緩證明(醫療費用豁免證明書)及身份證以作核實 。如活動當日未能出示以上文件,職員會在活動開始前以現金收取差價。如參加者未能即場繳費,職員有權拒絕該參加者參與活動。                                                                                                                                        CSSA recipients can enjoy a half price application fee. Please select the relevant ticket on application form and present your CSSA document (Medical Expenses Exemption Certificate) and Hong Kong ID for verification when participating in the activity. If the documents are not presented, staff will collect the price difference in cash before the activity. Failure to fulfil this requirement can result in disqualification from the event. 

  8. 本中心或會以拍照、攝影或錄音形式記錄活動過程,用於線上或線下各種媒體,作推廣或教育用途
    The Centre may record the event with photos, videos or voice recordings for promotion or education purpose on online or offline media.

  9. 請於報名或參與活動前細閱活動須知,如有問題請與職員聯絡。報名需提供個人資料,報名前請細閱本中心的私隱政策與收集個人資料聲明,填寫並提交申請即表示報名人已閱讀並明白及同意本中心的相關政策與聲明。
    Please read the Activity Remarks thoroughly before applying or joining any activities, for enquiries, please contact our staff. You are required to submit your information when you apply. Please read our Privacy Policy & Personal Information Collection Statement carefully. By submitting your application indicates that you have read and agreed to our policy and statement.

惡劣天氣安排 Bad-weather Arrangement

  • 所有講座

    • 如天文台在活動前兩小時內發出八號強風或以上信號或黑色暴雨警告,活動將會延期。

  • 只限蝴蝶講座

    • 如天文台在活動前兩小時內發出任何熱帶氣旋警告、暴雨警告或山泥傾瀉警告,或有其他天氣不穩定因素,室外考察部分將會取消。​

  • 所有調查

    • ​如天文台於活動前兩小時內曾發出雷暴警告、任何暴雨警告、任何颱風信號或山泥傾瀉警告,活動將會延期至後補日。

    • 如當日沒有任何以上警告信號但天氣不穩,根據情況有機會縮短路線及調查時間,亦有機會延期或取消。
  • 只限兩棲爬蟲組
    • ​以上條件適用,以及天文台於活動前兩日內曾發出三號強風信號、紅色或黑色暴雨警告信號,活動將會延期至後補日。

後補日 (只限惡劣天氣取消)

  • ​​中心已為每個活動安排後補日,有關日子請瀏覽活動資訊。

  • ​於後補日出席的專家有機會與列出的不一樣。

  • 未能出席後補日的參加者可獲退款。

  • 如後補日亦取消,所有參加者將獲退款。

  • 退款詳情(只限惡劣天氣取消)
    • 如果活動所有部分取消,中心會在扣除相關行政費用後,退還八成報名費。

    • 如活動進行期間因惡劣天氣需要中斷,將不會退款。

    • 除惡劣天氣取消外,所有其他缺席原因將不獲退款。



  • Seminar Day​

    • All seminars

      • If Typhoon Signal No. 8 or above, or Black Rainstorm Warning Signal is in force two hours prior to the event, the activity will be postponed to the backup date.

    • Only applicable to Butterfly group

      • If any Typhoon, Rainstorm or Landslip Warning Signal is in force two hours prior to the event, or if the weather condition is unstable, the tour will be postponed.

  • Surveys

    • All surveys 

      • ​If any Thunderstorm, Typhoon, Rainstorm or Landslip Warning Signal is in force two hours prior to the activity, the survey will be postponed to the backup date.

      • If the above signals are not hoisted but the weather is unstable, the survey route and time can possibly be shortened, postponed or cancelled.

    • ​Only applicable to Amphibian and Reptile group 

      • If Typhoon Signal No. 3 or above, Red Rainstorm Warning Signal or above is hoisted within two days prior to the event, the survey will be postponed to the backup date.

    • Backup Date (Only applicable to cancellation due to poor weather)

      • ​​The Centre has already arranged for backup dates for all events. Please refer to the above for the information.

      • Experts on the backup date may be different from those listed above.

      • Participants unable to attend the event on the backup day can be refunded.

      • If the event is also cancelled on the backup day, all participants will be refunded.

    • ​Refund Details (Only applicable to cancellation due to poor weather)

      • If the event is fully cancelled (including both seminar and the survey), the Centre will deduct an administrative fee and refund 80% of the application fee. 

      • Refund is not applicable if the event is cancelled halfway due to poor weather

      • Absentees cannot receive a refund unless the event is cancelled due to poor weather


In case of any dispute, the Centre reserves the right of final decision.

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